Nicolas “Baron” Laval, Creative Director and CEO

Nicolas has always been attracted by creation. He has been creating games since he was a child, from board games to classical role-playing games, in order to entertain his friends. After studying mathematics as his first Master, Nicolas decided to follow his passion and graduated as a Master in Game Design. His love for gaming led him to work on two independent projects before joining the team at Ubisoft Annecy to work on several games from the Assassin’s Creed © franchise. Spreadsheets and custom editors are now his new best friends.

Favorite Food: Junk Food ! If it’s dirty, I automatically love it !
Favorite Games: DOTA ©, Heroes of Might and Magic III ©, Terraria ©, Diablo II © and the Final Fantasy © series.
Usual expression: “J’ai faim !” (I’m hungry !)

Julien “MrJobar” PRISSETTE, Technical Art Director and Animation

Passionate about movies and video games, Julien studied computer graphics, programming and animation. On top of working for feature film and movies, his experience and technical skills in animation led him to work in the video game industry, especially on games like Heavy Rain © (Quantic Dream ©) and multiple projects at Ubisoft Annecy © like the Assassin’s Creed franchise © and Watch Dogs ©. For now, he channels his energy on Pirates: Age of Gravitium, to bring to life characters, boats and tons of other stuff as much as possible.

Favorite Food: Cheese !!! (Yes we are French !)
Favorite Games: The Final Fantasy © series, The Binding of Isaac ©, The Total War © series, amongst many others !
Usual expression: “Ca me coupe la chique!”

Romain “Noraleï” DALBES, Art Director

Despites his well known attraction for dark and gloomy worlds, with crypts where torches and towels are your only company, Romain practises as a graphist and art director from the sunshines of Avignon. Converted to drawing after his CG training at ESIA (Bellecour Art School) in Lyon, he has a wide spectrum of skills. Pirates : Age of Gravitium definitely puts him on a new graphical landscape, putting his capacities to the test.

Favorite Food: Ravioles de homards (“Lobster raviolis”)
Favorite Games: Dark Souls ©, Guild Wars ©, Baldur’s Gate ©
Usual expression: “Wait! I need a cup of tea.”

Remi “RAPDel” Delorme, Technical Director and Programming

Rémi has grown with games, especially video games, and music as his main passions, to the point when, after graduating at ENSIIE, he naturally specialized in a one-year Master as a programmer for the video game industry. Long-time role-playing game and board-games player as well as deep gamesystems passionate, he has always been analyzing and thinking about the games he played. Pirates : Age of Gravitium gives him the opportunity to fully show his skills and his passion.

Favorite Food: When I was young, radish were my candies. I love food in general, but I prefer fondue and Tartiflette !
Favorite Games: World of Warcraft © (500+ days), The Pokemon © franchise, Dark Souls, The Zelda © franchise, Diablo II ©, League of Legends ©, Starcraft © … Yes, I’m an e-sport fanatic !!
Usual expression: “C’est clair !!” (“Clearly !!”)

Erwann CHANDON, Music Composer

Keeping the momentum of his atypical career, Erwann Chandon started focusing on orchestral composition after an early career as a drummer, guitarist and bassist.
After obtaining a Master’s degree in Musicology (professional Master’s degree in Visual Arts Music Scoring), he entered the Film Scoring Class at CNSMD (National Superior Music and Dance Conservatory) in Lyon. Today, he works in the movie industry as well as the video game industry and in theaters. He is also creating the beautiful and vibrating soundtrack for Pirates: Age of Gravitium.

Favorite Food: Confit de canard (Duck confit)
Favorite Games: Zelda Ocarina of Time © and Allan Wake ©.
Usual expression: “Quand on veut, on peut” (“We want, so we can!”)

Fanny “Fafa” GOUBERT, 2D Artist

Passionate about Art and drawings, Fanny studied computer graphics at ESIA (Bellecour Art School) in Lyon. Working as a computer graphic artist, an animated film director and a communication manager, she uses art to spread emotions.  Now she is part of the team working on Pirates : Age of Gravitium, giving a precious hand to Romain on graphics and FXs.

Favorite Food : “Gratin dauphinois”  (French speciality with potatoes and cheese !)
Favorite Games : Final Fantasy 7 ©, The Witness ©
Usual expression : “Tout va bien se passer !” (“Everything is fine !”)