White Plague Games is an indie video game studio created by us four, a quartet of young game developers, eager to create original and fresh video games. Each of us is already a trained expert from the video games industry, and has worked on massive projects like the Assassin’s Creed © franchise, Heavy Rain ©, Watch Dogs ©, Tom Clancy’s The Division ©, amongst others.

Two years ago, we started nourishing the idea to join the indie wave and get back to our passion, old fashioned game development, pure creation and freedom of expression. We wanted to create a game as a tribute to what we were passionate about, these pinacles of the video game industry, brought back from the past and mixed with what we love today : beautiful graphics, stories and awesome gameplay systems.

Thus was born our first project : Pirates: Age of Gravitium.

Romain Dalbes, Rémi Delorme, Nicolas Laval, Julien Prissette.