Class spotlight: The Sniper (Pirates: Age of Gravitium)



Hi pirate captains ! Today, we present you an update of one of the class of character you will be able to recruit as a crew member: the sniper, showcasing the current in-game skills and animations fo [...]

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Team White Plague: We are back !



Yes, we are back ! In the course of the last year, we kept working on Pirates: Age of Gravitium with passion, and the game grew slowly and steadily. We are now on the verge of having a playable versio [...]

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2nd week’s reveal : The Sniper !



Hi everyone ! Today, we just passed the middle of the campaign ! Thank you a lot for your support ! We are excited to do our second content reveal of the month, which is another class for crew members [...]

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1st week’s reveal : The Galleon !



Hi Kickstarter ! Today, we are excited to present you one of the many ships you'll find in Pirates: Age of Gravitium: The Galleon !   As you progress through the game, you'll get access t [...]

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“Pirates: Age of Gravitium”‘s Kickstarter campaign is live !

White Plague Games is proud to announce that the kcikstarter campaign for Pirates: Age of Gravitium has just begun ! The crowdfunding will allow the team to finish the game with the quality it deserve [...]

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Pirates – Choose your style



Choose your style to defeat the Company and become the most famous pirate!

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