Class spotlight: The Lookout (Pirates: Age of Gravitium)



Hi captains ! Do you have any idea where your ship is heading ? Well, fear no more, for we have an expert for you today. Let us present you the eyes of the ship, and a powerful supportive class of ch [...]

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Class spotlight: The Goldhand (Pirates: Age of Gravitium)



Ohayo, followers! Today, we reveal the secret weapon, a character made for only one purpose: to slay your enemies ! Beware, for today we present you the "Poison Ivy" of the game, with her current ski [...]

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Ships spotlight: the ship classes of the game (Pirates: Age of Gravitium)



Dear fellow captains, We are happy to present you the various vessels you will be able to acquire during your journey around the Caribbean archipelago. Choose wisely, for it will be your home ... or [...]

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Class spotlight: The Courtesan (Pirates: Age of Gravitium)



Hi folks ! Today, we reveal the beauty amongst the pirates, a seductive yet deceptive lady: the Courtesan! Charming and persuasive, she is also able to defend herself alone, and will open a new way of [...]

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Class spotlight: The Carpenter (Pirates: Age of Gravitium)



Another week, another update folks! Today, let's introduce one hell of a character class, a tough buccaneer with awesome tattoos: the carpenter! Of course, the video still features the current skill [...]

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Class spotlight: The Bard (Pirates: Age of Gravitium)



Here we are again, pirate captains ! Today, here is yet another class of character for you to recruit as a crew member: the bard! As for the previous showcase, we present you the current in-game skil [...]

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